Wow, it has been so long since I have posted! Can’t believe my last post was about us packing and moving, well it is now almost October and so much has happened. My parents are getting a divorce, there is so much drama going on with them that I don’t even want to talk about it because I have no idea where to start, my household has been full of this gross chest cold/cough thing. Besides all of this dram crap things are going in the right direction. 

Trent and I have been talking lately about how as much as our household functions on just his income, it doesn’t function as well as it could. Life is costing more and more everyday and finally we both realized that I can no longer be a stay at home mom. I have been a SAHM for so long, but now it is time for me to get back to work. As much as I love being at home to be able to take my kids to school and drop them off and see them everyday but I really need to bring some income into the household. It will be nice to actually have a savings and an “In Case of Emergency Rainy Day fund” going on. So, I went in to where Trent works and I applied for a job, and received a call back the next day and I start October 8th. Orientation is next Friday so I’ll have more details about that next week. I am not excited to be working in a factory, BUT I am very grateful and excited to work and have a job because there are so many people that do not, and I am happy to be able to have that money coming in to our household. 

There hasn’t been very much that has been going on, just drama from my parents and just lots of other stuff going on. Hope everyone is having a great week!