So the last time I posted it was about how we were busy packing and the kids were busy in their summer school program. Well things have moved along quite nicely and there is so much to update on!

We are all moved in, thanks to some very amazing friends, two of which took time out of their busy schedules to drive 2 hours out of their way to help us move! Much more than I can say about other people that are closer to us! Big shout out and thanks to Mama B, Steve, Jes, and Greg for helping us–without their help we definitely wouldn’t have been able to get everything moved in in the time that we did! There are still some boxes that need unpacked that hold just random things but pretty much the house is all set up the way it should be! Cant wait until we can make it more homey but right now–it is the way it will be!

Kaelyn started school this past week! My baby girl is now a full on Kindergarten student! She loves her school and her teacher! I am really happy that my parents could make the trip down to see her on her first day :).

Also, this week Ethyn started Pre-K! So my day are busy making 3 trips a day to and from that school but it is completely worth it!

We have been a busy busy family this past few weeks but we are all getting back in to our groove 🙂