Okay, so the past two days have been pretty busy with the kids doing their jump start Pre-K and Kindergarten programs and myself having appointments and setting up times to see houses it’s been hectic. 

Yesterday the kids started their first day of (Summer) school, and it was so awesome to be able to see them dressed up for their first day, as well as be able to see them in the school environment. Ethyn need a little coaxing, but as soon as the teacher told him that I would be back soon he told me “Go home mom!”. It was so cute. Here they are in their first day outfits. 






And today I made an appointment to see a house, hopefully be able to see it tomorrow or Thursday whichever works best for my schedule. Also, found out today that I have an interview for a job tomorrow at 10 am by phone. It’s for a company that I worked for about 3 years ago that I have been trying for months to get back in to. God has been so good and he is always good, but sometimes his timing just seems to happen all at the right time. I am just hoping that it all works out for the best, we definitely could use the second income especially with out impending move so it would be nice to have some extra income, and also since it’s a job that I already had before I know what I am getting myself in to. Just really hoping this all works out. 

But all in His time, I have decided I am putting it all in to HIS hands.