And not enough time to do it in. We have had a pretty busy 2 weeks. We gave our notice to our current landlord that we will not be renewing our lease for our current house. There are so many reasons but the biggest one being that this house is not worth the price we pay in rent. Also, the fact that the insulation in this house is just plain ridiculous. We had over 110 degree days last week and our a/c would just NOT turn off so our electric bill is just going to be outrageous. And so we are in the house hunt…I’m getting frustrated because we just can’t find anything in our price range or that is big enough for our family of four.

We also purchased our very first “new” car. My dad came down this weekend to help us at least get the down payment and first 2 months of insurance on there. I am seriously so blessed to have a dad that will do that for me when my family needs it. We chose a 2006 Jeep Liberty Renegade, I’m pretty much in love 🙂 its so roomy. Plus I have to make a trip up to Goshen in 2 weeks to amend Kaelyn’s birth certificate as well as file for my child support to be raised. I haven’t filed for more money since I first filed, and Kaelyn is now almost 6. It’s time to get the support raised because she is becoming more and more expensive everyday.

Just praying that we can find a new house before Kaelyn starts school. I have already decided if we end up moving out of her school district by only a couple miles she will still go to Davis Park.