So lately I have had so many things running through my mind I don’t even know where to start. Worship at church has been pretty freaking amazing and I enjoy it very much, and working with the kids was awesome too, but due to my husband’s work schedule and gas prices I have to cut back on working at the church because that’s 2 trips in one day to the church that I just can’t see feasible at this point in time. I thought that working with those kiddos was my calling, and what He wanted me to do, but now he’s throwing all of these other obstacles at me. 

Other issues coming along are the fact that I have to call and set up the court date for Kaelyn’s name change and I completely forgot to do that today but will definitely be doing that tomorrow, but I’m just dreading it. 

And also the fact that we did Kaelyn’s Kindergarten round up and she will be going to school 3 weeks this summer to kind of get her a head start on what school is like and how it will be ran. I really hope that she does well with it. We did finally get her to write her name out, and she knows her full name (both with my maiden name and her new name) and now it’s just trying to get her involved in anything and everything. She has taken a liking for Soccer, and thankfully her bio dad is going to go in halfsies with me for equipment and fees for the soccer league, and sign ups for that take place this Summer. Which brings me to my next worry….another vehicle. 

We do pretty well, I’m not saying we do great but we actually have to start saving up for a new vehicle. Well not NEW but new to us. Definitely going to need it once Kaelyn and Ethyn get involved in sports and after school activities, and I also would like to have one so that I’m not waiting on Trent to get home from work to actually do stuff with the kids. It’s just a battle because thinking about the $ makes me cringe. Not like we have a down payment just lying around waiting for us to come pick it up. And I guess that it will either be a mini-van or a Jeep Laredo, which I guess we will have the same car as Trent’s brother if his brother’s plan all works out….not really what I was wanting but oh well. Can’t always get the things you want and beggers can’t be choosers so I will be happy with just having a new vehicle and another form of transportation. 

Aside from all of that things are going well. I actually have been having all of these story lines coming through my head. When I was in middle school and in high school I would write all these short stories or poems and they were usually all about love, but lately because I’ve started watching tv shows I’ve had these thoughts about “what if this happened in the show” or “what if someone new entered that nobody has talked about due to some unfortunate circumstance” and I’m starting to think I need to start writing all of it down, you never know maybe someone awesome like Kurt Sutter would take a look and want to use it in his show, or the creator Kevin Williamson of The Vampire Diaries (two shows that I actually have been thinking a lot about what would happen if someone came in and threw a wrench in the mix would it work or be disastrous?). I have always loved writing and I hope that by taking time out to do that each day that maybe that would help me not have so much of it on my mind at night. 

Well, my blog post is finished and I feel a hell of a lot better. 

❤ MyInnerFight ❤