Okay, so it’s been a whirlwind lately and I haven’t updated in literally forever. But I am using this time to update this thing on how amazing life has been and how truly BLESSED I am to have the husband, and the family that I have. As for my last post I gave in and I had to start again, I’m not proud of it, but I was stressed out to the hilt. But those are all excuses but since things in my life had started to look up I have a whole new outlook on life right now. 

So first thing first…K&T adopted a beautiful baby girl who we will call A and she is gorgeous, she is 10 months old (well 11 months now) and her who adoption situation is completely different situation so all those fears that I had about another “birth mom” in the situation doesn’t exist because their situation is completely different. It’s not even really a birth mom situation. And so many things are coming up, Easter, Mother’s Day, Birth Mother’s Day, and then Easy love’s birthday (HE’S GONNA BE 2!!!). So many amazing, yet emotional holidays, but I know that I will be able to get through them. 

But anyways up to date on stuff, my 25th birthday was amazing with my amazing friends and family, Ashlee had her baby Hayden in January, Ashlee’s birthday was amazing and up to date with the past month: 

So, the family and I have started going back to church, we felt like He was calling us and that we were needed in His worship, and boy were we right. We started right at a brand new series in church called “Woman Seeking Man Seeking Woman” which was about the book of Ruth, and whether a man is a manipulator, or a redeemer…so for example, do you want a man who manipulates you, or REDEEMS you, which was pretty awesome of a series. There was also a night where Scot talked about being a woman of character and NOT desperation, as well as last week’s talk was about loving yourself before you can fully love someone else. And tonight’s was about putting the mission before the mate. And that if being single was what was supposed to happen then it would, and that that was just God’s plan. But I think that this series is an amazing one and I was very happy that we attended church. And last week I got this inkling that He had a plan for me, and that He wanted to me to serve in His cause, especially in His church. So, I got online and emailed the director of ministries and today I started my first day of service and I knew that THIS was exactly where I was meant to be and meant to serve! I was in the 4 year old’s classroom and it was amazing. Just seeing how excited the kids were to learn about God :). It reminded me of of when I was a kid and I would be in Sunday school.

So, I took a huge leap of faith, and I KNEW that He was calling me to do this work, so I volunteered to be in the 5 year old’s classroom in the mornings so that I could still see the sermons at night with my hubby. And tonight’s sermon MOVED me, I think God was watching over our church and just moving mountains it was simply amazing! 

On another note, Trent’s job is going good and he’s moved up and he’s gotten a pay raise which is fabulous and I am so blessed that He is providing for us in a way that I never imagined. He is a provider and He always provides. 

Let’s see, other news is that Kaelyn is officially getting her name changed from Hoke (my maiden name) to Davis which is her biological father’s name. The paperwork has been filed, and I have to wait until April 16th to call and have the court date set, which I am completely nervous about, I mean she’s had my name for 5 years! It’s been a very bittersweet moment, because Trent has been SUCH an amazing father to her, and I wish that she could have his last name, but I know that Jimmy loves Kaelyn and K deserves to have his last name. And also, Kaelyn is getting registered for KINDERGARTEN on April 13th, which I am also freaking out about, because she’s my little girl and I can’t believe that it’s already time to start this phase in her life. But it is new and exciting and she is going to love it!!!

But, I thought that I would be able to keep this sweet and simple but it is long and outdrawn. I am so blessed and happy and I couldn’t ask for a better life at this point.