So, I’ve decided that it is officially time…to get motivated. I never do resolutions because they never work…so what I’m going is a “bucket list” of things I want to accomplish this year. Call it a resolution list or whatever you want but I’m doing this for me.

1. Quit smoking: (1/16/12: was my last cigarette and it was at 10:30 pm)

2. Have a clean house up and down.

3. Have all of our bills paid in full by June, and be set to where we can pay each and every one of our bills on time.

4. Lose 60 lbs by November.

….and I may come up with more as time goes on…but those are my top 4 right now that I can think of.

And I will be writing a blog each night on how the quitting smoking thing is going….so far I’m a little twitchy but it will be okay once I fall asleep and wake up and not have one…and I can keep myself busy by focusing on #2 of my list.