I’m officially blogging because I can’t do this anymore. I can’t sit and let my kids be treated like they aren’t worthy enough or as if this or that.

Several times we have asked for our son to be watched by family members and it was NEVER overnight and if it was overnight it was for something that was necessary or because Trent and I hadn’t had time to ourselves in a long time. But because of recent and even for the past 6 months we haven’t asked anything of any family members…wanna know why? Because it’s USELESS.

BUT we (well I will say I so that if someone has something to say they can come specifically to me) I am SICK OF THE FAVORITISM. WE NEVER ASK for Ethyn to be taken overnight because we always get a “no” or “well he doesn’t seem to like it”….well NO SHIT because NOBODY takes him, NOBODY spends time with him unless its his birthday or we show up for a f***ing holiday and I AM SICK of it. But if other family members need someone to watch their kid(s) for the night it gets done, no questions asked. But heaven fucking forbid if we ask for Ethyn to stay overnight anywhere.

Wanna know the God’s honest truth? Trent and I haven’t had a FULL NIGHT or WEEKEND to OURSELVES JUST THE TWO OF US without having to WAKE UP AT 6 AM to get our kids since…well never….OKAY OKAY let me rephrase that….THE ONLY TIME we do is when MY PARENTS are in town, because they take BOTH KIDS overnight.

And my parents don’t have to do that they actually CHOOSE TO DO IT because they live so far away and they don’t get the chance to see the kids very often.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m sick and tired of hearing about how other grandchildren, nieces and nephews are treated differently or have no problems with but yet our kids are the “problem”. OH FUCKING PLEASE.

Seriously, done with the double standard.

This is EXACTLY why I CANNOT WAIT for Christmas in Goshen, because I will get to see my family and get away for awhile….sometimes I just need a break from Terre Haute.