Today was such a hard day for our family. Today we had to give our beautiful mutt mix Rusty Puppy to a new family. We did this with a very heavy heart and not lightly. We were told originally when we moved into our new house that it would be okay for us to have him, and then after we signed the lease and payed our first months rent that the owner was “not aware that the lady that leased us the house gave us permission to have the dog”. So we were no longer allowed to have him. So, we have been frantically searching for a good home for him and make sure that people would seriously take care of him, love him, let him play, spoil him, etc all the things we would do if he was in our home. And with several phone calls, and one crazy 14 year old girl later, we found a perfect home for him.

The people that are taking him already have 2 dogs that can he can run around with and play with and just be happy with. We miss him so very much, and when we had to say our goodbyes after he left I broke down as if I had lost a child.

Trent and I had always said that if it came down to it that our kids would come first, and that our life and our well being would come before a 4 legged dog. But really, Rusty was family. And we will always love him, but we really did have to do what was best for us. I hated letting him go, knowing that he wouldn’t be greeting Trent when he got home from work, and that he wouldn’t be laying by my feet in the bed keeping them warm, or cuddling up next to me when Trent went to work. I still tear up a little when I think about it but it just really stinks that this is all happening. Just saddens us to know that he is gone but it makes us happy knowing that he will be with a great family.

This is the picture that I took of him while he was sitting so pretty…..he is going to be very missed. LOVE YOU RUSTY PUPPY!