So, with our move about 98% complete I can officially say it’s SOOO amazing to finally come HOME to an actual house that has neighbors, but not right next to my bedroom or right above me. It is so amazing to see our kids play and become independent.

Today was absolutely beautiful outside…beautiful HOODIE weather 🙂 And it was so nice to wake up and feel HAPPY in the place that I was waking up in, instead of absolutely disgusted and not wanting to start the day. It was so nice to be able to open the windows and feel and smell the amazing air coming through the windows without having to hear the redneck hick neighbors, or the rap music blaring outside (unless it was from a car passing by). It is also nice to be able to sit here as I write this and hear the crickets chirping.

The best thing about the day was when Trent brought all the toys over from our old apartment and we separated them between the kids and getting to sit with Kaelyn and watch her play with the same barbies that I played with as a child :). I always told Trent that Kaelyn would only be allowed to play with doctor, nurse, or veterinarian barbie….guess I came from the tramp barbie era.

So here is a picture of Kaelyn playing with my barbies 🙂 Today was absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings! Stay tuned….

Hope everyone had a great labor day!