So this weekend we are officially moving into our own HOUSE! I am
so excited to finally get away from apartment complexes and neighbors that stomp around like elephants and have no respect for their neighbors. We have live at our current residence for 2 years and it’s time for us to move on.

I’m excited about this new house because it’s something that we are allowed to paint, and decorate the way that we want. I already have so many ideas for what I want each room to look like, and my hubby is already planning on re-doing the bathroom because it has this ugly 1970’s wallpaper that just isn’t going to work!

It’s going to be so nice for the kids to finally have their own rooms, only bad thing is that the only bathroom in the house is directly in what will be Kaelyn’s room. But I’m happy to have her be in that room because I trust her not to mess up the bathroom lol.

But I am so excited to be moving, even though I despise everything that goes on with moving: packing, laundry, packing. But I have pretty much everything packed that needs to be packed, just have to finish packing everything that has to do with dishes, pots and pans. And of course have to finish ALL the laundry…and if you know me you know that I absolutely despise laundry.

But another great amenity in the house is this huge laundry room that I have so many great ideas for! So maybe that will make me excited to want to do laundry? Maybe? Yes? No? I hope so!

But here is a picture of the kiddos! They are pretty excited about our move!