Ok, so I am writing this not like I thought I would but mostly because I had a rough draft on my phone because obviously being on a plane you can’t send anything so I thought that by pressing my little button that keeps apps running would just keep my draft saved….low and behold that didn’t work, so thankfully K&T have allowed me to use their computer so I can FB it up and also get some blogging in so that I’m not so overwhelmed when I get home on Monday. I want to make sure I get everything written out while it is still fresh in my head.

Wednesday was a huge day for me, it was THE TRIP, the BIG DAY it was the day that I had been waiting for for well over a year to happen, that I thought I would be waiting even another 2 or 3 years. But luckily enough if I was able to get it scheduled so that I could come here and be able to be here for E’s 1st birthday party :).

I thought that being on plane was going to be exhilarating, awesome, and all around just amazing. But certainly it really was none of the above….the plane ride was simply NAUSEATING and I was literally hyperventilating, and feeling completely like crap the entire trip. There were screaming kids, the plane kept ascending/descending while in flight and it was just NOT my favorite thing in the entire world, and I felt because I ran out of things to do (I read all of my magazines, I had listened to every song on my iPod TWICE) so I was very at the end of my rope, and 3 hours and 41 minutes on a plane where the flight is completely FULL is just not my idea of a good time, so needless to say I was EXTREMELY happy to finally be in Phoenix, and to just finally be able to say TODAY WAS THE DAY!!!

And finally when I got off of the plane, the gate to the actual baggage claim was FOREVER long, I will remember for future trips that I am taking the little trackways that are like escalators but they are walk ways but they walk you to where you need to go…lol I really do need to figure out what the name of those things are!!! But anyways when I finally made it to baggage claim and saw K&T it meant the complete world to me and I immediately gave Kris a hug and I just didn’t want to let go, and finally I got to see Easy Love’s face!!!! And all my worries about him not liking me or him not wanting to come to me were wiped away when he immediately came to me and gave me the sweetest smile, that reassuring “I love you, and I remember you” kind of smile, the one that only little children can give so genuinely.

And driving from the airport to K&T’s house was just simply amazing, to see how awesome the lanes and highways are and as we are driving they have these HOV lanes, where during certain times of the day if you have 2+ people in your car you can use the lanes, kind of like expressways/carpool lanes. And it was funny to listen to K&T talk about what HOV was and because I’m a huge person that is obsessed with what things mean, I googled it today and found that it means High Occupancy Vehicle….pretty neat huh?! And they also have freaking street metro train things and I didn’t know that either, and HOUSES ON MOUNTAINS! We don’t even have flipping mountains in Indiana, so that was a change of scenery, as well as PALM TREES, and CACTI! Don’t worry I plan on taking some awesome pictures of all of those things while I am here!

And today (Thursday) K&T and I went to this really AMAZING salon in old downtown Phoenix called Roose Salon & Spa. And Ashley is one of the owners along with Timmy’s sister which is pretty amazing, but Ashley is the stylist and she did both Kris and I’s hair and she did such an AWESOME job, it was by far the best hair cut, color, and shaping that I’ve ever had, and Ashley is simply the nicest person on the planet, and the way that the girls interact with Ezra at the salon was just so amazing to watch. And since we were there for well over 3 1/2 hours Easy Love was getting tired so he cuddled with me while Kris’ hair was getting finished and it was absolutely amazing and I enjoyed every single moment of it.

And because, last night Kris and I were up until 2 am (Arizona time which is 5 am EST) so needless to say the rest of this evening was just laid back and eating and food and fun….oh I don’t want to leave out that we go to go to Target, which simply made my entire week/weekend because we don’t have one in Terre Haute, so it’s nice to be able to see things here in AZ that we don’t have in Terre Haute, and also the fact that there is a Dunkin Donuts, and a FREAKING get this….WHAT-A-BURGER….isn’t that the coolest name on the entire planet for a burger joint????? I think so too. 🙂

Well, I’m leaving everyone with the cool picture of the palm trees 🙂 More blogging to come in the weekend/next week when I decide to get to it!!!!


Happy Day from Arizona!!!