I can’t believe that it’s been a month since I have written a blog on here. I have so much to update and to say that I don’t even know where to start. I guess my last blog talked about how I wanted to go to Arizona but was wondering how I was going to do so.  Well I am pleased to say that I found a way 🙂 and when there is a WILL there is a WAY and I definitely have a lot of will in my life.

So, I’ve been going through a lot of the stresses of being on a plane for the first time in ten years. And the fact that everything has changed about flying since I’ve been on a plane. I have been reading up on what you can and cannot bring on a plane, and what your carry on has to include or can’t include and I’m still trying to make sure that I do everything right. I don’t leave for about another eleven days but I still want to be prepared. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m going to take there, and luckily Ezra’s parents are super amazing and pretty much have me covered if I ever need anything.

But we have pretty amazing family, I have family loaning me rolling luggage so I don’t have to carry a big ‘ol suitcase on my shoulder so that will make traveling easier and my sister-in-law is loaning me her digital camera since mine is broken.  And I also purchased Ezra’s first birthday gift about 2 or 3 months ago. It’s a recordable book that Trent and I are going to record together and I’ll have that ready for him…but it will probably be wrapped when I get there since you can’t have like any gifts wrapped or anything because you’ll seem “suspicious”. But I am pretty excited for my little mini-vacation to see some of the most important people in my life.

And Kris is so amazing that she has the entire time planned out so there will never be a dull moment that is for sure. Besides Ezra’s first birthday party the most exciting thing that I am ready for is helping to make his birthday cake, I never thought that I would be asked to do that and I’m so appreciative that they even thought to ask me to do that. But there are many other great things planned, like getting our hair dyed and cut while I am there (I’m going to bring my hubby back a new wife) lol. It’s going to be a great weekend filled with love, laughter, tears, and happiness. I am so excited I can barely contain myself.

But I get to leave on June 8th at 6:15 PM from Indianapolis airport, and I will arrive at 6:56 (at their time) PM 🙂 It’s going to be nice to gain a couple of hours so I don’t miss out on seeing Ezra for a little bit before he goes to sleep! And then I have to leave at 5 AM (their time) on Monday the 13th and I will be getting back here at 1:29 PM our time. I was hoping to be able to have a later morning flight but unfortunately God didn’t want me to so that’s ok I will deal with it. I’m just grateful to be able to make the trip out there and have the opportunity to be there for such an amazing milestone in Ezra’s life.

Another milestone that is coming (because it is 11:52 PM as I write this) that in One week Ezra will be a year old. I can’t believe that it has already been a year. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing last year at this time and it’s so sad but also so exciting at the same time to know that he has grown so much in over a year and that he has brought so much joy and happiness to Kris and Timmy.

I still remember the day he arrived as if it was yesterday. Woke up at 4:00 am (not that I really slept) on June 3rd and got myself ready (it was raining cats and dogs) and had all of my stuff, my pillow, computer, and movies picked out to watch while waiting on him to make his arrival. I remember getting all signed in and comfortable, and the tv was being all messed up for some reason and I remember Kris setting up her computer for me to watch Sex and the City 2 and it was funny because with everything that was going on I never watched any of it except maybe the first 15 minutes.  I was so lucky to be able to be induced so that K&T could be there and they were so amazing. I remember saying that I wanted to have the epidural before I had my water broken because I had heard all of these things that if you get it after your water is broken that it doesn’t work as well so low and behold the anesthesiologist came in literally like 5 minutes before my doctor came in. It was literally fate!

I remember being so happy and I didn’t have anything really going on I was just enjoying it. It was seriously the greatest birth I have had because I was having contractions and I was still able to talk to the social worker that came in to talk to me. It made me realize that all that talk about “oh you’re in labor when you can’t speak during a contraction”. I definitely proved that theory wrong.

I just love to remember that entire day because it was PERFECT. I still can’t believe that he’s going to be one. Kind of makes me sad and happy all at once. Ohhh the memories.

Well, I guess that’s the best update that I have for now….I will write another blog on http://www.birthmom-buds.blogspot.com in the coming week.

I am also going to do a VLOG which is a blog but it’s all video and I’ll have them not only uploaded on here but uploaded on my YouTube channel as well documenting parts of my trip just so it’s all easier to explain then trying to get carpel tunnel and making my hands ache for days.

Well, it’s now officially 12:01 AM and all I can say is 11 days UNTIL ARIZONA YAYYYYY!!!!