I have been needing to write a blog for quite some time about something other then everything else going on in life that isn’t just about everything but about me, but my words just haven’t been able to roll off my tongue or even onto this very site. I have had massive writers block and I think it’s because there are so many things going on and coming up that I’m just not ready for, so I’ve been holding on to them internally and just becoming emotionally shut off from the world. I’ve been very anti-social and not very up to talking to anyone, and when I do I feel myself getting snappy at people for no reason. My patience has been wearing thin, and I know that it’s because I haven’t processed my emotions the way that I need to.

I guess the best way to start processing is to just let all the feelings out, nothing held back.

I think, my biggest thing going on right now is my first REAL Birth Mother’s Day, coinciding with Mother’s Day. Last year at this time I was 1 month away from giving birth to the most amazing little man, and I received the most beautiful flowers from E’s parents. And, I didn’t really officially FEEL like a birth mom because I hadn’t officially had him yet, the decisions were still all mine and the choices were mine and mine alone. But now, as the day approaches I’m just really nervous about it all. Because it’s official that I am a birth mom, and I won’t be able to spend that day with him, or when he’s older get gifts from him that say “Mom” instead they will say “My Alicia” and it’s just something that is hard for me to cope with I guess. I know that deep inside he has the GREATEST Mom in the world and she deserves to have the official day, and she has waited a long time to have a Mother’s Day, and I never would want to take that joy away from her, it’s just going to be something different for me I guess.

And I also guess that I am freaking out because I had this great gift idea for her for Mother’s Day and with the economy I can’t get what I wanted to get for her and it just makes me really sad. They are both so good to me, and they always send such wonderful gifts and they go way beyond what they ever need to or even well, have to. They don’t HAVE to send me a ton of pictures, they don’t HAVE to send the most amazing pick me up text messages or e-mails and they definitely don’t HAVE to allow me to even know anything about E, but they do, they go far out of their way to make it known that I am his first mom and that I am always going to be his first mom and that that’ll never change. And E’s mom is sending me a birth mom gift, and personally I’m scared to even open it because I know how great it’s going to be, and I know how meaningful it’s going to be. I know that no gift that I ever get them will be greater than the one I gave them when I gave them E, but I just really wish there was always something more that I could do. I guess that that perfection isn’t enough for me, I just want to do more, I’ve always been that type of person.

I have also been running through my head that this time next week E will  be 11 months old. That’s one month from his 1st birthday and 1 year after I signed the relinquishment papers and it all seems to just be piling up on me. I don’t really know how I’m going to handle those things when the time comes but I for sure know that if things keep going the way that they are now that I’m going to be a massive wreck. I just have to try figuring these things out on my own without keeping all of these things locked inside. I guess it’s so much easier for me to just let everything go internal without saying anything to anyone. Even though I know I have all of you amazing people that will be there for me, I always instinctively feel alone.

I was lucky enough to get to have a wonderful 2 hour conversation with Kris today (Ezra’s mom) and it seriously just put all of my emotions and all my turmoil at rest. It was 2 hours of just talking about life, and how things have been going and just being able to relive things and of course it consisted with about an hour and a half of that conversation being tear filled. But, it was exactly what I needed. Being able to talk to the one person that gets to love on Ezra day after day and tell him how much I love him and be able to see how awesome he is just makes me smile.

Now I am planning my trip to Arizona in June and every time I go to think about it it just makes me sad because I keep thinking about where the money is coming from and how we are going to pay for it. And of course, because my husband is so amazing he reminds me daily that I WILL be going to Arizona in June and that it will happen even if we have to beg borrow or steal, and thats what I love about him is that he is doing something so great for me. He’s giving me the opportunity to go visit with Ezra and not have to share him with everyone else. I know that that sounds selfish, but it will be our first visit and I just want to enjoy the entire moment without having to worry about Kaelyn or Ethyn, or anything else that is going on, so I am so overjoyed to be able to say that from June 8-June 12 I will be in the HOT HOT sun of Arizona enjoying time with some of the greatest people I know, and I don’t care if I have to sell every item of clothing, shoes, or personal items that I own, I will be on that plane and on my way to see the most gorgeous little boy in the world. 🙂

And of course I have this amazing tattoo to remind me daily of him, and how much I miss him and how much I LOVE him and his amazing parents.