I guess this small post is just to remind everyone that Easter isn’t about the baskets, the egg hunting, or the candy that the stores give out. It’s about the life that He gave for our sins, and the day that he rose to Glory so that we could meet Him again one day.

But it is also about being with your family, and being able to celebrate such a joyous day and being thankful for everyone and everything around you. Today was such a Glorious day, heck this whole weekend was amazing.

My parents were in town for the weekend and it was SOOO amazing to be able to spend such a great weekend with them. The kids had a blast swimming with grandpa and enjoying time with their grandparents. I absolutely LOVE their bathing suits! Ethyn got some awesome spongebob ones and Kaelyn got the CUTEST pink polka dotted one :). Grandma also spoiled them with some great Easter clothes, bubble guns, and the CUTEST shoes :).

The kids had so much fun with grandma and grandpa that they never wanted to leave the pool…last night’s goodbye for Kaelyn and my mom was one of the hardest that I’ve ever watched. But they love each other a lot so I knew it would be hard on the both of them.

And today was THE DAY 🙂 EASTER SUNDAY! Got to spend time with my in-laws and eat some awesome food and have some great laughs. It was so nice to see everyone in the same place again and to eat some AWESOME ham, baked beans, deviled eggs (MMM my favorite) and by far the BEST thing ever was the Peanut Butter Pie…HOME MADE by my sister-in-law Dora..mmm my tummy was so stuffed but it definitely made room for pie :). All in all it was a wonderful day, but I will always remember that He died for my sins and rose so that one day I could join in Him in Glory.

Kaelyn took the CUTEST picture with RJ with her furreal puppy that SERIOUSLY opens and closes his eyes and make doggy noises its SOOO cute yet, completely scary all at the same time!

And then Trent and I decided to fool around and take some creepy awesome photos of ourselves 🙂 we’re so vain ENJOY!

And the creepiest photo of all was this eye one that I took….I’m still a little creeped out.

-Happy Easter-