So in my last blog I wrote about coming from a place of yes, and so far my place of yes journey is going strong!

For example, we’ve been trying to have as much family time as possible, and with Trent’s work schedule that’s just been pretty much impossible-but not this weekend! Saturday he took the entire day off to spend it with us. So we took full advantage and we went to our niece Lexi’s softball game and she did so good! The whole team did an amazing job and it was so nice to be at the softball fields again, makes me excited to be able to start Kaelyn in it next year!

After Lexi’s game we went to Baskin Robbins with the kids and have some ice cream! Kaelyn got $10 in gift certificates for Valentine’s Day so we took full advantage! And we got really lucky because all of our cones came to exactly ten bucks! If that isn’t fate, then I don’t know what is. I got some really great pictures of the kids with their cones, as well as my big kid a.k.a my husband. It was so cute to see my hubby make a bigger mess of his ice cream then our kids.


After we had ice cream we headed home and laid the kids down for a nap as well as took advantage of a nap and snuggle time together as well.

After naps we had family dinner, and the kids got a bath and we did it “team style”. And what I mean by that is I gave the kids a bath, Trent dressed them, we brushed their teeth, and I clipped their finger and toe nails. It was so nice to have that time even if it was just dinner and bath time. But here lately I will take what I can get.

After all of that we decided to relax by having a family movie nigh. We watched ‘Finding Nemo’ and I can tell you this that movie never gets old! And we could tell by the end of the movie the kids were ready for bed :).


It was seriously just another amazing day of family time! Trent and I seriously kicked butt Spring cleaning our apartment and by kicking butt I mean we did it all! Dusted, cleaned the kitchen, all garbage taken out, vacuumed, all bedding washed and bed made, toilets cleaned, and the biggest task of all was cleaning the kids’ room and organizing their closet! That was a chore in and of itself.

When all that was said and done we were now ready to head off to church, and it was almost 80 degrees today, which for the kids and I meant sandals, capris (for me) and shorts and t-shirts for the kids!

When we got to church the sun was shining and the clouds we were amazing so I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to take a beautiful picture of the cross that is outside our church. I’m so happy with the way it turned out and I am so happy and blessed that we get to have our vow renewal at such an amazing place of worship.

And while at church another amazing place of yes moment happened, but not from me, but my husband. HE asked me to stand up and sing during worship instead of me initiating. AND he sang every song :). It was just an amazing site to see!

All in all this was a fabulous weekend filled with so much love and happiness I just had to share it all! And so, with that said I am sharing an amazing passage that was read at church and it is just so fitting!

“We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed, perplexed but not driven to despair-persecuted but not forsaken, struck down but not destroyed.”-2 Corinthians 8-9