So, I watch a lot of reality tv and it’s quite an obsession of mine and I know that I need help but anyways…..

One of my favorite shows is Bethenny Ever After with the celebrity Bethenny Frankel. She is absolutely amazing and is so hilarious and she has NO word vomit plug and that’s what I absolutely love about her, that she says what is on her mind at any given time and it’s always straight from the heart! The reason I bring her up is because she just came out with a book called “A Place of Yes” which I cannot wait to own. But to my point, I was watching The Real Housewives of New York City the show she was first on and she was talking to another cast member about how they come from a place of no and you should want to come from a place of yes.

So it got me to thinking how many times a day that I say no, and how many times I say yes, and it’s really sad how many times I say no a day. I say no to movies, food, tv shows, plans for the weekend, and even things to do with my own life. How many times do you come from a place of “yes”?

So, I wanted to do this thing that for 6 full months and maybe even longer that I come from a place of yes (within reason though, I won’t be handing out cash or anything like that lol) and see if it truly makes a difference in myself or my outlook on things. I want to test it another way as well. I want to put myself in the most uncomfortable, or place where I am sitting there thinking to myself that I should do something but always change my mind because I don’t want to feel embarrassed or looked at like I’m crazy. For example, I’ve never said this to anyone but I’m putting myself out there: when I am at church and we are doing our worship and the praise band is doing their thing all I want to do is raise my hands up in the air and just praise Him, but I don’t because I sometimes feel like I’m being watched and I don’t like being in that uncomfortable zone, it’s just not fun for me. So, I’ve decided to also try to come from a place of yes when it comes to my faith and my beliefs.

Trent has also been doing so well at his job and doing everything that he can to just move up in the company and to eventually have his own store and become a distributor. I have so much faith in him that he will do amazing and that he will eventually be just as amazing as his own boss Joe who is his inspiration and what he aspires to be. But with this opportunity comes the options of moving and being even farther away from friends and family and I will always be supportive of him and this amazing blessing from God but I’ve seen myself be at a place of no for so long that I just have been so overwhelmed when all I’ve had to do is come from a place of yes! It’s such an overwhelming feeling that I just can’t really explain it.

I guess this whole thing is just about evaluating myself as well as wanting to challenge others to come from this place to sit and think about people or things that come into your life that and situations that happen that you normally always jump the gun and are always jumping to no!

So, to finish my point I am challenging myself to be a person of yes not a person of no! So, today is day one! We shall see where this takes me in the next 6 months!