Wow, this weekend has gone by so fast, hard to believe it’s technically already Sunday. It’s been such a great week and such a fun time with some of my favorite people. So many things have actually happened this week that I feel like they all lead up to one of the best times that I have had in a long time out and about with friends. Which, btw, I have come to realize that I’m getting too old for shots and drinks…because my entire body hurts STILL and I’ve had most of the day to recover.

I will start with some amazing news that my husband told me. I guess I should give a little back story before I go into the long details of it all. Well, back in late June/early July I had to sell my engagement ring to a pawn shop to pay our electric bill because we were behind on it and for me at that time, making sure that my family was taken care of and that we had hot water and all of that especially for my kids, I sold it. I’m not trying to sound materialistic, because the price of the ring doesn’t matter, but it’s what that ring meant to me. When we got my ring, Trent picked it out, and we were super excited to have it. The ring we actually got a good deal on it….it was originally $2200, it’s a full carat total weight and has 52 diamonds total. We purchased the ring for $1600, and when I went to the pawn shop to sell it, they only gave me $290. So, believe me it is was a very emotional, sad day for me. I cried the entire day and was just really sad the entire time. I remember I was cleaning out my purse and found the pawn receipt and I told Trent to throw it in the trash, I knew that we would never have the money to get it back so why keep the receipt? Well, instead of throwing it away he put it in his wallet. 🙂 But anyways…back to the original reason I said all of this. This past week my husband went to that pawn shop to see if the ring was still there, and low and behold it was :). He asked the guy how much they were selling it for and the guy said $500. Trent also asked the guy how much it would cost to secure it, and he said 10%…so Trent put the $50 down for the ring until he can pick it up on Monday :)…he came home and told me this and I just was in complete shock. Not only did my husband do this because he knew how much my heart was breaking when I had to sell it, but he knew how much the ring meant to me. I was flabbergasted, I had no idea that he had even kept the receipt. Needless to say, I was in awe of how selfless my husband was at that point. Gosh, I love him.

Here is the picture of the ring when I had it on my hand as well as my “creative” ring picture:

(this picture reminds me…I need a manicure lol)

(Yea, I was trying to be creative lol)

But I get my ring on Monday and I cannot wait 🙂 My hand has definitely missed it :).

Also, this week was the week that I had my tattoo consult for my sister-in-law’s birthday party and I was finally going to get the tattoo that seriously means the world to me. And so on Friday the BIG DAY I got to get that tattoo and I’m telling you what, it was so freaking painful! I noticed that if you watch the tattoo being done it doesn’t hurt as much, at least that is how it felt. I think it was just a mind game but I felt better watching myself get the tattoo done then clinching my eyes shut.

D’wan at Under The Gun, Inc did my tattoo and he did such an amazing job. It came out better than I had ever thought it could or would. My tattoo is of the adoption symbol which has a triangle which represents the birth parents, the adoptive parents, and the child. So, in my case it is for me and Trent, Kris and Timmy, and Ezra. And arching around it I have the words “Hope is Easy”…which many of you would think “man, hope isn’t easy and yada yada…but what others don’t realize that it is easier to have hope then to sit and worry and be frustrated all of the time. But, in my case, the “Hope is Easy” …it means “Hope is Ezra” (Easy is Ezra’s nickname). He gave hope to all of us and he is just freaking amazing 🙂 in all ways shape and form.

So, here is the picture of the “after”.

But Friday night was a complete blast. Even though my husband couldn’t come out not only because we didn’t have a sitter, but because he had to work in the morning so he wouldn’t have been much fun lol. But what I realized from birthdays and drinking is that 1.) I am no longer 19, 2.) it takes my body wayyy longer to recover 3.) I have the most amazing husband because he took care of me this morning and the rest of the day by leaving me Tylenol and water on the bedside stand so when I woke up I could take it and not feel like complete crap all day.

Also, taking pictures on an iPhone is really hard to do when you have been drinking, since there are no picture buttons on the side of the phone lol so it’s a process I’m telling you that. But I did get some really good pics of me and the birthday girl I’ll share 2 of my favorites :).

And the next one were birthday shots: I had a lemon drop, and she had a buttery crown (aka buttery nipple)

All in all it was a fabulous week, and fabulous weekend, I couldn’t have asked for a better time or better people to spend it with 🙂