This weekend has been full of so much craziness I don’t even know where to start. I guess that I will start off with Friday šŸ™‚

Friday: WOO TAX REFUND DAY!!!! Ok, so not so much of a WOO because we paid all of our bills, but still it was a great day. I was so happy that I budgeted everything so that I knew how much we would have left over for “fun” for this coming week’s festivities.

Anyways, it was a great day because I got to spend it with my husband and my kids, and one of our (and by our I mean MY lol) Ā splurges (which yes it was budgeted) and so I am excited to say that I said Goodbye to Blackberry (you will be missed but until VZW gets a better selection of BB’s I won’t be coming back to you) and HELLO iPhone4 :). It’s so beautiful, and fun…although it is a little complicated to figure out the whole ringtone thing but because of some help from a fellow iPhone users I now have “You found me” by The Fray and “Don’t Stop Believing” by Glee Cast. Ā I am just absolutely in love with it. I am pretty excited and cannot wait to be able to FaceChat that looks pretty freaking fun.

So, here it is:

But, besides the fun of getting the phone, came my husband getting sick. And when I say sick, I mean my husband never gets sick, so he literally looked and felt like death the entire day/night and it ran into Saturday and night as well. He still isn’t fully recovered.

Saturday: It was Ethyn’s birthday party day and my mom was in town so we left the kids with Grandpa (because daddy still wasn’t feeling very well) and we went out and had girl time, shopping, picking up things that we needed from the store for Ethyn’s party, as well as getting me some NEW jeans. And when I say getting me some new jeans I mean anxiety for me, but happy that I was able to get some new jeans, because I only have ONE pair that actually aren’t in very good shape and they aren’t very flattering either. And my mom was nice enough while she was out during the kids’ naps to pick me up 3 other pair, 2 of which I actually kept that fit me well. THANKS again mom I really do appreciate it :).

On to the night’s festivities….let’s just say that Pizza Hut on 3rd and Voorhees is a complete joke, and if you ever want to have parties there, don’t even try it. I called on Monday to make a reservation, and come to find out they don’t take reservations on Friday’s or Saturdays (which is something I think is absolutelyĀ ridiculous and that needs to change) but the Manager told me to come in early and it shouldn’t be an issue. Well, I went in early alright, I went in an hour before the party was to start and was told “Well, there is a party already in there but they are finishing up so it should be another 10-15 minutes”. Well, I was completely okay with that, until it was 6:45 and 27 of Ethyn’s guests were sitting there waiting, some of which I knew were frustrated and hungry. But luckily my father in law and my friend Austin came to the rescue and my they called many places and Mauricios (sp?) put us in this small room but hey it was worth it the pizza was amazing and so were the bread sticks and every one was happy once they were fed, and Ethyn had the most amazing time and it was so great to see everyone together in one room to celebrate Ethyn’s big day.

(he was happy for just a balloon šŸ™‚ )

I also got to hang out with my sister and I was SOOO happy. She is 14 and lives in Wisconsin so I never ever get to see her and when I do I get really emotional. She’s young so she wouldn’t understand and she’s a teenager so lovey dovey crap makes her hurl, but I really do Ā love my sister. She really is the only person on my dad’s side of the family (except my cousin Chelsea, and her mom and dad) that I actually associate with, and that includes my father at times. It’s just nice to know that I have a blood sibling and that she is a Daddy’s girl (I used to be one growing up). And she looks JUST like my dad, she kind of looks like me too but I don’t know you decide.

But the party was fun and it was great to see everyone.

Sunday: This day….was not the greatest. Although, the husband woke up feeling better (thank God), but both of my children woke up with fevers. So, unfortunately we missed LIVE church, which most people wouldn’t find that to be a bad thing, but to me going to church on Sundays makes me feel better, and just being able to worship and sing and be there in person is the best. We didn’t miss the sermon, which I am so grateful for LiveStream. My church started a new series called “Scars” and I knew it was going to be a rough one. It was about the other “A” word…abortion. I have always been pro-choice, and believed that it is every woman’sĀ prerogativeĀ to be able to choose what is right for her. Although, it’s not something that I would be able to ever do. Ā But I won’t get into the whole jist of my beliefs because talking about abortion is like talking about politics…not something that I really like to do. But it was just emotional and pretty much pulled at my heart strings, and knowing what is to come in the next series is just going to have to give me a lot of tissues at each service.

But, something that brightened my day was having my husband pick up the most amazing thing on the planet….GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. I truly believe that girl scout cookies should have their own holiday, because then that would give me an excuse to eat them…and not feel guilty for it. :). I was a little bit sad though because I absolutely LOVE the Do-si-Dos (they taste like nutter butters), but unfortunately they shorted the woman that sold them to us, so we had to pick another kind to get so we got the caramel ones.

My favorites are the tag-a-longs and the thin mints (put them in the freezer and they are amazing)! And of course the shortbreads are all Trents, I Ā have a fear that if I even at one of them he might start finding places to hide my body lol.

Whew, that makes me feel better. Gotta love catching up on these.