Ok, today we went to Riley’s Outpatient Care Center for Kaelyn’s visit with Dr. Brower. (Which I want to say in advance this doctor is a G.E.N.I.U.S.)


Well, after going through all of the information pre-consult, she checked Kaelyn’s stomach and whatdya know, she’s FULL of stool. Her entire intestine is full, and when the doctor checked her stool to do a test on it she didn’t even have to go in very far to feel the huge rock that is in there. She also stated that Kaelyn has an “abnormality in her rectum” which makes it inverted and causes her issues.


The doctor brought in the staff doctor and he sent us to get her blood tested, to make sure he CBC was good and there wasn’t anything else going on such as thyroid or other issues.


The doctors both ordered us to do 3 enemas. 1 a day for 3 days, with high doses of Miralax for 3 months. She has a follow-up appointment on April 14 and if Kaelyn’s situation hasn’t changed (which because we’ve had to do this before so I can tell you in advance that nothing will change) but we are going to do it because this doctor has never dealt with Kaelyn  before. But in 6 weeks she will go back and they will sedate her and do a biopsy of her inside area and check and make sure that she doesn’t have any deficiences, or other issues that are problems.


After the biopsy and the results get back from that if they are positive with issues they will do surgery.


Thank you to everyone for your prayers and thoughts with Kaelyn. It’s been a long day so now I’m going to relax, and I can tell it will be an early night.


But while we were there we decided to “get lost” we avoided all the “re-calculating” that the GPS was doing and just decided to get ourselves lost in Indianapolis so that we could see Indianapolis.  And while getting lost we came upon the great wonder that is the Lucas Oil Stadium 🙂

We also went to Hard Rock Cafe and we had an awesome late lunch/early dinner. And while we were there we were wondering why it was so busy and the server told us that George Strait and Reba were performing at Conseco Field House tonight, and also they were having a concert at their restaurant too. And come to find out it was FEFE DOBSON! And he pointed her out she walked right by our table and smiled I was pretty much STAR STRUCK! If you don’t know who FeFe Dobson is you may recognize her from these 2 songs:

I have also decided that I am upgrading to the iPhone4 tomorrow and my hubby has decided to take on my blackberry instead of paying the insurance deductible all I have to do is get him a new battery so that he doesn’t flip out about the one that we have :).