Ok, so birthdays are pretty exciting right? Well, the best part of birthday’s that I think of (besides spending it with family and friends) is CAKE any kind of cake, cupcake, chocolate cake, carrot cake, I mean come on cake is AWESOME!

But today was pretty awesome because I have been waiting on my birthday cupcakes for well over 2 weeks and FINALLY they arrived, all in tact and all looking very very tasty.  Because they were sitting over dry ice and the fact that they were kind of frozen due to being on a UPS truck in the cold elements I had to wait while they defrosted to even try them. But I had my eye on one, and have had my eye on it since I saw that it was on the order form.  RED VELVET 🙂

(Red Velvet is the top right hand corner 🙂 and I’m looking forward to the latte one bottom left hand corner)

I just was soooo happy to finally get to taste the amazingness of Crumbs Bakery in NYC 🙂

And here is the fun that my husband had with the dry ice that kept the cupcakes good on their journey to  my house and through my stomach :).


Oh cupcakes….how I love thee.