So, we all have these moments where we need to take a step back and just take pictures. There are moments that we sometimes see pictures that we would rather never ended up anywhere, on anyones computer or cell phone.  But then there are those moments that you just want to capture because they are moments that 20 years down the road not only can you blackmail your children, but you can also look back and just cherish those times.

My favorite things about the moments that my children have are when they are sleeping. I know that it’s pretty cliche and normally you would want to capture the funny, fantastic moments, but I really do love my kids when they are sleeping because that’s when I can cuddle and love on them without them pushing me away, and Lord knows that they are at the “no longer wanting to cuddle, get away from me” stage.  Thanks again to my sister-in-law I was able to capture some of the cutest moments of my children.

My favorite times, are noticing that the bedroom gets REALLY quiet, this can either mean 1 of 2 things, my kids are being bad, or they are asleep. I was hoping for the latter of the 2 lol and I was right. I walked in and my son was passed out on the floor, funny thing was he had Kaelyn’s “my little pony”, another funny part of this….well that little pony is PINK 🙂 He will make his dad proud one day I promise.

And about an hour after waking him up (because if we would have let him sleep it would have been a very early morning for mommy dearest (NO THANKS)) :). But after we woke him up we walked in to put them both to bed, and Kaelyn had beat us to the punch. I swear that she is my mini-me and looks so cute when she sleeps (I on the other hand don’t think that I do lol).

These moments are the moments that I am happy that I can document through pictures. My kids on the other hand, in about 10-15 years will be wishing I never knew how to use a camera. 🙂

-my inner fight-