There are rarely times in my life that I absolutely will NOT step out of my apartment, even if my life depended on it. Until today. I went to go check the mail because I am waiting on a W-2…well, the 2 minute trip there and back for the mail box took me 10 minutes. I had to literally take my shoe off and slam it up against the mailboxes just so I could get my key in the hole to unlock it.  Not to mention, the FRIGID winds that are going along with all of this weather, it’s just disgusting. I don’t even want to think about having to leave my house until it’s Spring.

We all say when it’s Summer and we are dying of heat exhaustion that we want it to be Fall, notice we say Fall, because who in their right mind wants it to be WINTER? NOT me. Winter and Summer are my least favorite times of the year because Summer is so humid, sticky, and just plain hot. And when you walk outside you can barely breathe! And well Winter, is just an annoying season. I mean, your shoes get wet, you get snow in your socks, you have to bundle up like a marshmallow to survive, and driving (in the state of Indiana) is a hazard to your life because of the idiots that don’t know how to walk, let alone drive.

I live in Southwest, Indiana and we are in the middle of a sleet/ice storm right now, with snow on the way. I would much rather have the snow, then all of this dang ice they are talking about. Snow, is manageable and you can at least go out and have fun it with your kids on a snow day, the ice…not so much.

And people are always saying “don’t freak out” you’ll be ok it’s just ice and snow……but really I want to freak out…if we lose power I’m going to be the most unhappy person on the planet.  I can’t stand to be cold, going without internet and tv is just not great when you are in a house with 2 kids…..ahhhhh SAVE ME FROM ICEOCALYPSE 2011!