I am finally getting to this blog because I just was so excited about yesterday and what it meant for me and my husband. Being baptized is something that I have always wanted to do because I have felt that it is a way to get closer to God, and to show to the public your devotion to God and your willingness to walk with Him. I was lucky enough to have the people that I care about most there to witness this day as well as my sister took pictures of it for us so that it would be documented :).  (her name is Ashlee Sappingfield and she runs a photography business called Trinity Paul Photography 🙂 definitely should check it out here: http://www.trinitypaul.com )

But like I was saying, it was quite an amazing night regardless of the quantity of people that showed up it was really about the quality and in all actuality it wasn’t about any of the people in that room. It was about me and God and it was just an overall amazing experience. 2011 has been such an eye opener to new things and to all of the love that I had been missing before I had Him in my life. Finally, we have our Home (Maryland Community Church) and we have our faith.

Here are some of the pictures of our baptism 🙂 Thanks again Ashlee for taking the pictures, I know that you didn’t really have much to work with but we really do appreciate it :).

One of my favorites 🙂 it’s just so beautiful, kind of gives you a person from the outsides perspective on what is going on.

My husband was brave enough and he went first 🙂 I am so proud of him!!!

You are asked 3 questions that you must answer yes to to even  be baptized thats what he is doing above :).

Then you are blessed 🙂 ^^^

Don’t worry the water was HEATED thankfully because if not it would’ve been reallllllly cold.

I was up next and I will tell you this it was the most exhilarating feeling I’ve ever had. I can tell you this that I was very choked up and if it wasn’t for the fact that the baptism didn’t take very long I would have been a blubbery mess. But here are my pictures. (and in the first one there is a microphone shadow on my forehead lol)

All in all it was an amazing end to an amazing birthday weekend 🙂 Now, I’m looking forward to February sooo many birthdays and of course..TAX TIME 🙂

-my inner fight-