The days leading up to my birthday I was dreading the entire thought of even having a birthday or even a birthday party. I was scared that no one would show up or that no one would want to hang out with us, or that people would just find excuses not to come. I know that I shouldn’t have been so pessimistic about the whole day but all in all I will tell you this…I was completely wrong about the whole thing. My birthday (the actual day) and my birthday dinner/party festivities were a complete blast!

Where do I start? I guess the best place to start is on my birthday. When my husband got up and left for work he gave me a kiss and told me happy birthday (I was half out of it because I was still so sleepy but obviously I still remember because it’s my husband 🙂 ) And then I woke up to having 46 notifications on Facebook….HOLY cow was that a lot. I think it’s always funny to receive more notifications in one day (such as your birthday) then you do in an entire week. And more people post on your wall, or talk to you when they see that little present symbol at the top right hand corner telling them it’s your birthday. I can only count a select few people maybe about 6 that would’ve remembered it was my birthday even if Facebook hadn’t reminded them. 🙂 But I still appreciated all the wishes no matter what form or how people came to know of it. But anyways….

My husband worked late (gotta make that $) but when he got home on a break he brought me the most AMAZING flowers, and then later that night he brought me a bottle of wine (he knows me so well). Here is a picture of the flowers he got me:


I also received a potted yellow rose arrangement (which didn’t live long because the leaves were turning black when I got it..I guess that people don’t really understand the concept of properly storing such beautiful flowers) but I still kept it in the kitchen and watered it just in case. I received those flowers, along with some amazing pictures of the most beautiful/handsome little man on the planet my little E man :). K&T are the most amazing people ever, they never forget my birthday and/or special occasions.

I also received a pretty awesome text from my sister on my birthday (she set an alarm for my birthday time just to tell me happy birthday) 🙂 isn’t she sweet? lol Love you sis. (I’ll get to her gift later it was AMAZING).  I also received a text from my brother saying the sweetest thing it made me smile…he called me SISTER! lol 🙂

Later that night, my friend Austin stopped by with  his gift….a HOMEMADE cake it was green (one of my favorite colors) and had yummy confetti icing and it was just all around the best :). Here is a picture of the awesome cake he made me:

Now on to the big birthday party/dinner/festivities. Before we went out we  headed over to my brother and sister in-laws to get my gift from them and I will tell you this it made me cry, from the card, to the photo box, to the awesome scrap booking supplies on the inside, and then when I went to put the top back on the box I noticed there was something on the top with a sticky note.  Backstory: I was talking to my sister the night before about only being able to take about 12 pictures on my digital camera because I hadn’t bought a memory card for it and just it wasn’t on the top list of priorities. WELL at the top of the photo box was taped a memory card for my camera. She remembered, and she thought of me and it just really made my night, I don’t know why I teared up so much but it was just so amazing because she really thought about everything when she got me the gifts.  So the pictures of her gift will be up shortly…or should I say what her gift allowed me to take pictures of :).  (They also were the ones I believe that got me the birthday cake for my birthday at Olive Garden).

All in all after we went to dinner at Olive Garden, again thank  you to my husband, Ashlee, Brent, Austin, Patty, Mandy, Johnathon, Nicole, Paul, and Wes for coming to dinner with us and also for those that made it out to Ambrosini’s afterwards I truly appreciate you all and couldn’t imagine my life without you guys in it. 🙂 So, the next pictures are just a couple of my favorites from the night.

The whole crew at Olive Garden:

My yummy birthday cake 🙂 :

MMMM tastes like a jolly rancher:

A family photo, which could only be ruined (not really) by the sarcastic twin of the family:


Best Friends:

Brotherly love:

Sisterly love: (I didn’t take this picture this was taken via Blackberry Torch) lol

Mr. & Mrs. Brent Sappingfield:

Mr. & Mrs. Trent Sappingfield:

And on our way home:

I cannot begin to describe the happiness that I have going on. I had the most amazing 24th birthday and it wouldn’t have been possible without all of the amazing people that I got to spend it with. Thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday, and the biggest thanks to those whom I got to spend my birthday with. I love you all very much 🙂

-my inner fight-