So, I’ve been pretty late from the game because I haven’t been very into writing lately because I’ve had other outlets for speaking but I guess I needed to write today.

This past week has been a complete and utter roller coaster of emotions but always good ones and then some sad ones that ended up good in the end. If that makes any sense at all :).

As you may have read Trent got a promotion that was going to take him to a new place, a new state, and to the unknown. Well, of course I was ecstatic and very proud of him for achieving such greatness in such a short time. I had prayed and prayed for him to be able to get a job that he truly loved and was always excited to go to in the morning. Well, I’m happy to say that we will no longer be moving and that we will be staying in Terre Haute. I am also happy to say that Trent still gets to get the promotion, he just gets to stay here with our family. The first person I told was my sister. In the past normally she was the 3rd or 4th person to find out about things because I didn’t really care, but now that we are closer I knew that she would appreciate the news more than anyone else :). I’m happy I told her first because I also knew that she had been praying for us and praying to God to give his will and that if it was his will for us to leave then she would accept it, even if she wanted us to stay. I just prayed that God would have his will and that whatever happened would happen and I would accept it when the time came, but I didn’t want to. I’m just not a fan of change.

Also this week on Friday we went to Trent’s boss’s house for dinner with the kids. It was so nice to meet such GENUINELY nice people. You know how sometimes you’ll go over to someone’s house and they are just nice to be nice? Well, not these people they were genuinely amazingly nice. His boss is also an amazing cook (I hope to have a pantry like them) and he made us Ravioli with HOMEMADE Alfredo sauce, you have no idea how EXCITED I was, I am a HUGE fan of Alfredo and of course since it was homemade I knew that it would be great. We also watched the movie Shutter Island…..I’m just going to tell you this my mind was WARPED after that, I left that house feeling weird and like someone stole something from me with that movie because I wasn’t expecting any of it lol. All and all it was a great night and I cannot wait to be able to be in a financial place like them to be able to have enough room for my family and then some for family holidays and family get togethers. All in due time though, God has a plan I know it! But before I left I was talking to Trent’s boss’s wife about books and we were talking about the Twilight Saga and that was something we had in common which was awesome, and I was telling her how I hadn’t read the last book Breaking Dawn and she immediately without even thinking said “here you can borrow my book”. So all yesterday and yesterday night while Trent was at work I read over 600 pages of the 754 paged book. I now only have 54 pages give or take until I am finished. I am so very proud of myself :).

And on to my last day, today was just simply amazing. Not only did I get to spend time with my family but we also got to go to church. The only sad thing about today was that the Bears lost to the Packers and the Jets lost to the Steelers, but oh well, the only thing I’m looking forward to is the half-time show of the Super Bowl anyways lol. But again back to church.

Tonight Scot talked about Mercy and it seriously struck home. I am not really going to go into great detail but if you read 1 Samuel Chapter 24 you will understand a little bit more. It is about David and how he had his chance to get revenge on a King that thought he wanted to kill him but he didn’t, he knew that he had to be merciful towards this man. And it got me thinking, there have been plenty of times in my life that I have been so angry at someone that all I wanted to do was get revenge and blame them and just make things worse. When in all actuality if you go into things with a calming sense then the wrath will not come. And within the past month that has been proven to me. And it is just amazing how God works in such great ways and how our Lord is always there to guide us through things that we don’t think that we can guide our won selves through.

Oh, I almost forgot, we went to church early, or what I thought was early we were actually running behind because we had to meet with an Elder to talk about our Baptism, and he walked us through it and let us know what we should wear and what we should expect. I had this rush of emotion running through me, I couldn’t believe that in just one very short week not only would I be moving into my 24th year, but I would be one with God and the Lord the way that it should be. I wish that more family could attend, because we talked about how we wanted to invite family and Larry (the elder) said “Yes, invite as many people as you want”. That just made me sad because I knew that all the people that I wanted to invite wouldn’t be able to share in this joyous occasion. But at least 2 of our very close family would be there to join us and share in this great day.

But my picture was of OUR home, I can say that now because Trent and I are now official members of MCC and we couldn’t be more happy. We are so grateful to A&B for being there for us and guiding us to MCC and allowing us to share in its amazingness. (Yea I know that’s not a word).  I was so excited tonight when the band sang “The Revelation Song” and I seriously broke down. I had heard this song several times on the radio but never ever took it in to me completely and I just broke down. To be able to have my faith affect me that much was enough to make me His.

“Holy, Holy, Holly is the Lord God Almighty who was and is and is to come. With all creation I sing praise to the King of Kings you are my everything and I will adore you”.

-my inner fight-