Ok, I know that in our lives that we aren’t supposed to be so vain and think that we are the “hottest, prettiest, or best looking” but that’s not why I am saying that I have been vain lately. I love taking pictures (not enough to buy a really expensive camera lol) but enough to want to take pictures of me and my husband randomly. Technically I took the pictures after midnight so it counts as today’s post.

I have this thought about making sure that you capture all the random wonderful moments in your life because one day you may not be able to remember them right off the bat and you’ll want a picture for reference.

There are many pictures that I have been a part of that I love so dearly and I can just look at and be like WOW this is amazing! Or I cannot believe I just did that. And then there are some that make you sad because they contain photos of people that meant the world to you and are now angels in Heaven. If you are my Facebook friend you will notice I tend to upload a lot of pictures and thanks to PICNIK.com I don’t look so pale or like too much of a retard in them :).

I want to share some of my favorite PICNIK’D “vain” moments 🙂

Sorry for the rather boring posts…normally during the week nothing AMAZING happens lol 🙂