A lot of people believe that praying is just a simple act and some people only pray to feel better about themselves, or they pray for things that they know they will never get such as “praying to win the lottery” or they pray grudgingly against another person for example: “I pray that so and so will do more than just complain all the time” when really your prayer shouldn’t be geared that way. Prayer is about having a spiritual conversation with the Lord one that is meaningful to you and are about things that are relevant to your life with Him as well as your life in general.

The other day I received books from a dear friend of mine and there were so many and one of them was “The Power of a Praying Wife” and that one really stood out to me because it just seemed so fitting with how my day was going and what was going on at the time. Well at church tonight I went into the bookstore because you can check books out there (HOW FLIPPIN COOL RIGHT??) well I saw the book that my friend sent me and right next to it was “The Power of a Praying Husband” and I just KNEW that we had to check them out.  I’m not quite sure why I checked out the praying wife book because I already had it sitting at home but I just thought I should, and Trent was like wow, I want to read that. So, we decided together that we would read them together.

So, I even paused the Golden Globes so that we could read and not be distracted. He read the first chapter of his book, but my book had a “pre-face” so I read that instead because it seriously spoke to me. And after we decided to talk about what we read and how it pertained to our life as a couple and in our marriage. And we talked for 2 hours. If you know me and my husband you know that we don’t really have meaningful heartfelt conversations unless they are completely needing to be done. But this completely made my day and my life. And I say this because Trent at church after we did our communion and prayer we came up back to our seats and he told me with the most sincere heartfelt look on his face “I love you” and told me that God told him to tell me that he was sorry. (we had had a rough day just a lot of stressors) and I couldn’t believe it. I felt like God was listening to me, because I had been praying for him and praying that he would be able to come around and stop fighting God.

Another reason that I believe that he was listening to me was because I went to a meeting with an elder from our church to fill out membership paperwork and Trent had been fighting me on it for the longest time because with this new promotion at work we are bound to be moving in the next 3 months and he didn’t understand why he needed to become a member of a church if he was just going to leave. Well, he came around and realized that it was a great time for him to do it and knew that it was what God wanted of him. So he filled out his paperwork as well and turned it in tonight after service.

To make things even more amazing is that I have never been baptized.EVER. And I have been wanting to be baptized for a long time but never felt at the right place in my life or my faith to do so. Well, I was talking to Trent and we were talking and we came to the decision that we should do our baptism together. So we are being baptized together at the evening service on January 30. HOW perfect that’s my birthday weekend. What a way to start off being 24 :).

But my picture is of the books that we are reading, and I seriously recommend them to all married couples it really does make you understand what is going on from both sides of the relationship.