Yesterday, on January 13, 2010 at 5:24 am my sister-in-law Dora gave birth to my niece Harmony Michaela Jenkins. It was such an exciting day, we all thought that she was going to be induced yesterday but nope! On Wednesday night Harmony decided she was ready to make her appearance 🙂 and on Thursday morning she arrived.

I have been thinking a lot about babies and how they bring families together, and how much bliss and happiness that they bring to peoples lives. I guess that I was extremely happy about Harmony’s birth because since I cannot have anymore children I want to be able to have plenty of nieces and nephews (hopefully in the future) to spoil and hug and just love on.  And let me tell you how amazing this little bundle of joy is. I don’t even think that there are words that can describe it. She has a HEAD full of jet black hair which reminded me of Kaelyn because she had the same hair :).

Well I don’t have much to write because the picture will speak 1000 words 🙂