Today has been pretty good found out amazing news from my husband as well as I have had some pretty great laughs about people lately.

With our inevitable move coming up I went on Craigslist to start scoping out prospective living arrangements and kind of get a heads up on the COL. Well, Trent was talking to a co-worker of his and this is where I got a laugh.

Supposedly, she told him that the head honcho thought that everyone should start out where he started out. For example, when he first started out, mind you he had no kids, no wife pretty much was a bachelor. Well, he said that he lived in a one bedroom rat hole and used one of the demo boxes as a night stand. Well, Trent’s co-worker kept telling him well you can live in like a $500 bedroom apartment in the ghetto to start off with because he doesn’t want to see you living in some pricey place….really? For one, the cost of living where we are probably going to go for a 3 bedroom (yes my children need their own rooms because they are getting older) and a 1 bath are all ranging from $850-1500 a piece.

This lady just kept saying to him you just need to downsize yada yada, when in all actuality Trent thankfully put her in her place and let her know that “No, I will have a non rat infested home where my children can get sick etc..I have a family to take care of and I will make sure that they have all that they need.”

This is what I don’t understand how some people can sometimes think that it’s okay to tell others what they should and shouldn’t do…especially since they don’t have kids or anything.

But thanks to Craigslist we hopefully have found the perfect place 🙂 But I’m not telling because I am hoping it is still available next month!

And I didn’t take this picture either lol