Ok, so I didn’t want to post anything really today  because I wasn’t supposed to be putting it all over the internet and I’m still not. All that I am going to say is that there is a big change coming our way…and I am hoping that it is for the better.

But I will give a little preview, my husband got a job promotion but that’s all the details that I am giving. Won’t know for the next month or so how it’s going to go but we are about 98% sure that we are leaving the Terre Haute area. I don’t exactly want to jinx it so I’ll leave it at that. So I guess my post is going to be about change.

I’m not a big fan of change, I never have been and I probably never will be. I believe that change can be a good thing but it can also turn your world upside down. This change is AMAZING, it pretty much makes us financially set for a long time and I couldn’t be prouder of my husband for achieving such a goal in such a short time. He truly does love his job and he is always so excited to go to work and that makes me happy. I haven’t seen him so happy in such a long time and when he’s happy I am happy.  But it just seems like this promotion couldn’t have came at a worse time.

I just got some of my family back and now we are leaving. We are becoming members of our church and this is something that I have been looking forward to forever now, is to find our Home and to be able to call it Home, and now it’s like what’s the point. I have already convinced myself that I am still becoming a member of MCC and I am going to live stream the sermons no matter what or where we are. That’s non-negotiable.

I just feel like this has all happened so fast, one minute I am looking for houses in Terre Haute that we could move into and now I have to look elsewhere. AHHHHH.  I’m just so confused about a lot of things and it just seems like soooo much is going on and my head could explode from everything. BLEH.

I didn’t take this picture but it’s a great quote.

-My inner fight-