Ok, so I know that this blog is late and I’m okay with that because I have been sick so I deserve a day off lol.

So, this post is for Sunday January 9, 2011.

Yesterday was filled with a lot of things. Mostly my coughing and hacking which went into the night. But during the day I was alone with the kids trying to keep up tempo with them which is hard to do and thankfully the kids took a nap like I knew they needed to. So, I went to lay down because I was really really not feeling good and my head was pounding and I couldn’t stop coughing.  Well, my husband came home from work and he snuggled with me and he fell asleep right away, which I didn’t think would be possible since all I did the entire time was hack my head off, but he slept like a baby.  Well, as time went on all I did was go back and forth between sleep and coughing and I just decided to get up and make dinner since we would have to be heading to church soon.

I made some spaghetti and bread sticks and we had our church crew over for dinner :). Even though it was pretty much an eat and run sort of thing because we were running late. Well, we went to church and it was pretty emotional/amazing as usual. (Minus my coughing throughout the entire sermon).

But at the end of each sermon they do a communion because they want you to be a part of Jesus’ table not just once a month but every time. Prayer is a part of this.  Well, before that happened I wanted my husband to come with me, not only to be there for me but maybe he would want to share in the experience. But at first he was hesitant and he didn’t go with me. So, I went alone because I needed to and if I was going to go it was going to be with or without him. Well, after I was done I went back up to my seat and my husband got up and told me he was going down. Of course, I went down with him because I wanted to be his rock to show him that I cared for him and that I truly cared about what he was doing. So during his entire prayer I held him. On our way home he told me that it was something that felt right, that the song that was playing hit him and that God was telling him to stop fighting him and to just let it all go.

But I was so  happy to see my husband take the leap of faith and this Friday we will become Members and finally at HOME with Maryland Community Church :).  My picture was not taken  by me but thought that finding one online would be better for this post.

-My inner fight-