I am a firm believer in people doing things for their significant others and not just to get something in return but because …well just because. There shouldn’t be a reason that you buy gifts, or cards, chocolate, or candies, flowers or even jewelry. We all seem to think that Holidays, Birthdays and VALENTINES Day are the only reason to ever do anything nice for someone. When in all actuality you should always feel the need to say or do something even if it’s the smallest thing for your significant other.  I will tell you this it will change their attitude and their day so much and it will make them very happy :).

I believe that in the past year I have gotten a couple just because flowers and it was amazing because I didn’t really expect anything. Well, tonight my amazing husband gave me the cutest card and he got it while he was in Vincennes on an appointment :).

So my picture for today is something that really warmed my heart and made me very happy because I wasn’t expecting it. It’s something that I will cherish and put in my card box, of course that will be AFTER I display it on my tv stand for a couple weeks :).

“No reason why…Just because”. -Trent (after asking him why he got me a card lol).

And if you can’t really read what it says here it goes “I thought about you today”…”And I liked it so much I’m going to do it tomorrow!”

I blacked out what he wrote except for the end where he put I love you Alicia Sappingfield. I blocked it out because those are personal words that I don’t want to share with anyone else. 🙂

-My inner fight-