Tonight we had family over to watch the Colts game šŸ˜¦ Sadly they lost to the Jets…..boooooooo. But after wards we watched The A-Team, personally it was one of the greatest movies I’ve seen in awhile. You can judge that’s fine I just really thought that it had so much action but yet enough drama/love to keep me interested. I’m not a huge action packed movie person, but this movie worked for me.

Before we watched the movie though there was some serious Facebook hacking, as well as some hilarious statements made that if you weren’t there you couldn’t fully understand them and you wouldn’t get them if I posted them here anyways.

But with those jokes and statements being made, it got me to thinking…who are my A-Team. Who are those people that I seriously can go to for anything, fun laughs and fun times.Ā  So, I guess my picture is going to be of people that are close enough for me to go to, I guess this is because these are people that came back into our life and it feels like it’s right.

So, if I had to name off the A-Team like they do in the movies. I would call Trent: Murdoch (only because he seriously would be crazy enough to do all the things in the movie that Murdoch did). Brent would most likely be Smith: because he’s pretty level headed and he likes pipes and cigars so that works lol.Ā  I’m going to call him Mr. T because I personally don’t know what his name was lol, but I think I would call him to be Ashlee just because of the personality where he was really a hard a** and then turned it around and had this nice loving compassionate self, but when needed that hard a** came out to his friends. And for Face, I don’t think that I’m Face because well that’s Bradley Cooper and well, there’s not much that can be said about him and I don’t think that any of us match up to him but I would like to say that I’m Jessica Biel’s character only because she has a level head but she also knows how to stand up for herself.Ā  But that’s just me, everyone else can place the characters how they see them šŸ™‚ .

So here’s my picture it is not recent but it’s the only one I have of all 4 of us together šŸ™‚