This isn’t my post for the day for my picture but it is actually something that has gotten me thinking about my future as well as my kids’ future and when they actually get to a dating age (age 45) lol.

I watched this video that was done by my Pastor on the question “Should a Christian ‘Date’ a Non-Christian”.  And you can watch his response above, but really after I watched it I let it sink in and remembered that I need to keep faith and understanding when it comes to different thoughts and opinions on this subject.

What I want for my children: I want my children to find that mate, that person that they want to share the rest of their life with that has the same morals, values, dreams and hopes as they do. I want them to have someone they can call their rock, their pillow at night, and their shoulder to cry on. But first and foremost I want them to have a marriage that is faith based. Of course, I want my children to choose what they believe in, but we as husband and wife will teach our children as best we can the way that Christ has set out for us.

In this video Scot states “don’t settle”. And I believe that to be a pretty amazing statement. Everyone says that love conquers all, but in all actuality your love in God conquers all. If you have faith you can get through anything, if you follow and are a true follower in Christ than he will provide for you.  But if you are not a follower in Christ than your views may  be different than mine and that is fine.

My Views for myself and my marriage:

I sometimes wish that I would’ve waited until I was married to give my virginity to someone that I was full halfheartedly in love with. I wish it could have been in the sanctity of marriage and love and the following of Christ.  But because I cannot change the past and I can only focus on the future I want to instill the values of Him into my children and hope that they can follow their heart and know that compromise and love are not all that matter in a relationship. You have to believe in the same things.

For Example:

As stated above in the video if you are Christian and your mate is not and you “tithe” (give 10% or whatever percent of your income to your church) and your mate does not, then they will most likely attack you for spending your money on something they don’t believe in. And that is a conflict that you will have. If you want to spend your Sunday evening going to church and being a part of a small group and your mate doesn’t believe that you should be “wasting” your time doing that when you could stay at home and do other things than that is going to cause problems as well. Yes, you can find compromises but in the end it’s something that is always going to tug at your heart. You must find a mate that fully believes in YOU and your beliefs, because if you don’t then it’s just going to eat and eat and eat at you until it’s resolved. And in some cases it can’t be, which is sad.

-My inner fight-