Whenever you think of being deserted on an Island all of these thoughts go through your head on what you would take, what would benefit you and what would be best for your well being for the longest amount of time.

Here is the picture of what I would choose to take with me….I said one thing…I never said it couldn’t be a person 🙂

I would take my husband…for the following reasons:

1) He can build fire

2) He can do heavy lifting

3) he can cook anything from nothing

4) He is my best friend

5) He is a human furnace (so I’ll never get cold)

6) He can climb trees (coconuts and bananas)

7) He can shoot a sling shot

8) He can fish

9) He can build a boat 🙂

and last but not least

10) I couldn’t live without him.

So, it looks like I would be doing JUST fine on that deserted island :).