A wise person once told me about prayer, and then another wise person once told me about writing. And then, another wise person told me about a Prayer Journal. And I thought to myself, wow, what a great way to get everything you want to say to God out and in writing, because sometimes thoughts can become jumbled, or you want to go back with your prayer but want to take a break because it may be too much.

So, I’ve been thinking about all these things I want to say to him, and I am such a great writer that I figured, why not just write to him? So, as my day 3 I decided to take a picture of the journal that I bought to write to Him. I plan on using some of my scrap booking stuff to kind of make the outside of it personalized but I thought I would take a picture of my “rough” journal.

My post isn’t that long because I worked tonight, and wanted to save some of you the trouble of straining your eyes to read all my mumbo jumbo 🙂

-My inner fight-