I originally started the 365 Day Photo Challenge, and then I quit…I had a LOT going on in my life that I personally just either didn’t have time, or had zero motivation for wanting to take pictures. I know for a fact that I most likely won’t do EVERYDAY on the challenge, but at least posting some pictures along with blogging about everyday life is a step in the right direction right?

This new year is already starting to be a great one! And I say that because the last day of 2010 December 31, 2010 I had to work…bleh. That is no fun, but it was still a great night at work no matter if I had to work or not. It was one of our busiest nights at work and oh man was I tired!

But I came home, and gave my husband (I love calling him that 🙂 ) a belated new years eve kiss. It was at about 12:45 when he got it so technically if we were in Illinois it wasn’t even 2011 yet so HA! 😀

But anyways~ I am looking forward to so many things in 2011 but the greatest thing I am looking forward to are finding God again and making him a staple in my life as well as my marriage, celebrating our 4 year dating anniversary :), and also my favorite celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary. I love having things to celebrate with my husband and I’m happy that I was able to have my FIRST new years eve kiss as husband and wife. The firsts of marriage are always the best.

So,  I guess you could call this my “Day 1” of my challenge and what a way to start it out but by posting our “midnight” kiss.

-My inner fight-